"Lazy" Zirconium

"Lazy" Zirconium

Zirconium is a kind of "lazy" element, and the research on zirconium encountered various difficulties at the beginning, but after about 150 years, chemists finally extracted and separated zirconium from nature. Zirconium ceramics have no chemical reaction to acid and alkalis. It will also not elute even in harsh corrosive environments such as the chemical industry.



Substance exchange between zirconia denture and oral microecological environment:

  1. The role of bacteria
  2. Oral cleaning
  3. Temperature change
  4. Chewing
  5. Electrochemical effect
  6. The effect of saliva
  7. Reaction with food, drugs and plaque

In these complex environments, the chemical stability of denture materials is extremely demanding.



Therefore, we used a zirconium dioxide test strip to conduct a chemical solubility test. The experimental data as shown in the following figure (1), which proves that its acid resistance is excellent. It is far better than the 100μg required by the international standard. Zirconia will make your beauty semi-permanently without deteriorating over time.


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