Q:What’s your product?
A:We have full zirconia series including HT/ST/SHT/ST-PLUS/UT white blocks; ST/UT/ST-PLUS preshaded blocks;ST/ST-PLUS/UT and 3D PRO multi-layer. We also provide other milling solution materials such as PEEK,PMMA,WAX,milling burs, fast sintering furnace, glaze/stain kit and digital design service etc.

Q:What’s your best zirconia block?
A:3D Pro is the one with most-natural outlook and SHT is the most cost-effective.

Q:What’s your best selling zirconia block?
A:It depends, In Europe/Europe/Russia market, 3D pro is more popular, In Middle East/Asia market, white block sells better.

Q:What is special about 3D Pro?
A:It has gradual change of strength and translucency from cervical to insicial,mostly close to real teeth, Aesthetically functional.

Q:Do you have 3D Pro with 57% transluency from 750MPa~1100MPa, Do you have something like this?
A:Yes, we have, do you use Aidite 3D Pro? We have the same product, our 3D Pro is 42% to 49% transluency with 650Mpa to 1100Mpa inciscal to cervical. As all knew that the most translucency of Tosoh powder is 49%. Why Aidite said that they have 57% transluency, because of the test mothed is different.

Q:The temperature of my sintering furnace can only reach 1450 degrees, can sintering your 3D Pro?
A:Would you please tell the brand of your sintering furnace? If AG then for sure yes.

Q:What’s your powder material for zirconia blocks?
A:The powder we used is from sinocera,, which is the No.1 zirconia powder manufacturer in China. Its performance can be on a par with Tosoh powder but much better price.

Q:Regarding the zirconia block strength, is it theoretical or true? Is there any testing?
A:Yes, it's true and we have testing report.

Q:What do you have for Bleach color?
A:Bleach shade is available on ST Plus preshaded with 46% translucent & 900mpa, ST Plus multilayer with 46% translucent & 900mpa, 3D Pro multilayer with 42%-49% translucent & 650-1200mpa gradients.

Q:Can I use fast sintering for your zirconia?
A:Yes, we now test the fast sintering and success, we suggest you can use Bloomzir® CeramStar® fast sintering furnace for the coping and 3 units bridge, but long bridge not recommend.

Q:Do you have the stock?
A:For the regular products, we will have a certain quantity of stock. Could you please let me have your list? Then i can check.

Q:How much the minimum time of cooling down for the ST zirconia block?
A:It would be better to sinter according to this instruction completely.

Q:Why UTML do not have bleach color?
A:Now we have Bleach color for 3D Pro ML and ST-PLUS ML, including BL1, BL2 BL3 and BL4. For UTML, it is more suitable to make anterior, the translucency is the best one. Then it would be too white and not so natural for UT with beach color. At the same time, there are not so much needs in the market, so we do not arrange it.

Q:What is your advantage for the new products SHT?
A:Now we have new item called SHT. It is 47% 1100MPA, it combines the advantages of HT-PLUS and ST, but more competitive price. We advise you can make a try of it. Why we have this new items? As in the market, price is less and less now, if we just lower the price always, the brand would disappeared one day. So we launched this new item and it would be more competitive in the market.

Q:How is the differences between new 3D pro and current 3D pro?
A:The differences would be more obviously on C and D shade. The color changing would be more well-proportioned, higher translucency, and the total result is closer to natural teeth.

Q:What is kind of Peek color do you have?
A:Four colors, white, pink, natural and light yellow color.

Q:What is kind of colors of PMMA that you have?
A:1. For Monolayer PMMA: Clear, Vita 16 colors and Four Bleach color and Pink color 2. For Multilayer PMMA: Clear, Vita 16 colors and Four Bleach color. 3. For Flexible PMMA: Clear,Vita 16 colors and transluency color. 4. For Separated Layer: Pink+Vita 16 color .For example:Pink+A1/A2/A3...