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Bloomden® 98mm Mono PMMA

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Features of Mono PMMA

Mono PMMA is used to fabricate temporary dental restorations for a wide range of cases, including more complex indications such as implants or large span bridges.

  • Exceptional processability

    Processed through special tech, totally eliminate the inner stress, the deformation during machining is decreased substantially.

  • High melting point

    Neither being melted due to high temperature during milling, nor making inconvenience to machining due to high melting point.

  • Excellent anti-static property

    This feature is easy for processing and cleaning.

Mono PMMA Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Density (g/cm3) 1.32
Flexural strength 163MPa
E-Modulus 4
Impact strength (KJ/m2) 199
Colors Natural, White, Pink, Yellow
Systems 98mm / 95mm
Thickness 12mm / 14mm / 16mm / 18mm / 20mm / 22mm / 25mm

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