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Bloomden® Flexible Diamond Discs

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Flexible design for both reduction and contouring. Smoothly remove tooth mass interproximally to create intra-arch space or open contact points between teeth.

Features of Flexible Diamond Discs

This premium quality operative carbide bur has been the industry standard for decades. It’s highly customizable to fit the needs of your practice.

  • True Edge Cutting

    Diamond crystals wrapped around the edge of the disc prevents "black marks" during carving

  • Designed for carving ceramic

    Excellent for contouring and shaping all surfaces including embrasures.

Flexible Diamond Discs Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Flexible Diamond Discs
Size starting 16 mm
Size Diameter 16 mm ~ 22 mm
Length 8.0 mm
Maximum Speed 50,000
Shank Size 6.0 mm

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