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Bloomden® Sintered Diamonds

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Features of Sintered Diamonds

Useful for opening and shaping cavity preparations. Also used for root canal access and caries removal. Smaller sizes facilitate conservative preparations.More durable than conventional stones. Efficient cutting and self-cleaning, Faster finishing.

  • Contouring cavity

    Ideal for creating mechanical retentions and undercuts when contouring cavity preparations for dental zirconia restorations. 

  • Easy initial entry

    Designed for easy initial entry and a smooth contoured shape that eliminates sharp corners. Can also be used to create convergent lateral walls or mechanical retention.

Sintered Diamonds Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Sintered Diamonds
Size 0.6 mm ~ 1.6 mm
Size Diameter 0.6 mm ~ 1.4 mm
Length 1.6 mm ~ 4.1 mm
Maximum Speed 50,000
Shank Size 6.0 mm

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