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Bloomden® Porcelain Furnace PF1

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Features of Porcelain Furnace PF1

Bloomden Automatic Programmable Vacuum Porcelain Furnace is all-ceramics firing, Special design guarantees excellent sealing of the furnace, Auto purge; Auto night mode, Temperature calibration by keypad. Make sure good uniformity of heating and a good porcelain effect.


  • Easy to operate

    Compact size,the smallest size in the world now.

  • Auto temperature adjust 

    Temperature ajustment automatically before everything firing procedure.

  • Built-in program

    Built-in 99 programs and optical status display.

Porcelain Furnace PF1 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Porcelain Furnace PF1
The velocity of temperature increasing 200°C / min max.
The max temperature 1200°C max.
The time at the max temperature 2 Hours
Operation range 100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ
Electric current 14.5A@110V   7.0A@230V
Power 1500W Max.

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