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Bloomden® Sintering Furnace C5

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Features of Fast Sintering Furnace C5

C5 is mainly used for the sintering of zirconia materials and also can be used in the field of powder metallurgical for the high-temperature sintering and annealing of the materials. Intelligent sintering of the Full Form and Predrying


  • Max. sintering temperature

    Maximum sintering temperature 1530°C

  • Fast temperature rising

    Fast temperature rise to 1500°C in 20 minutes.

Sintering Furnace C5 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Sintering Furnace C5
The velocity of temperature increasing 20°C / min max.
The max temperature 1600°C max.
The time at the max temperature 12 Hours
Operation range 100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ
Electric current 14.5A@110V   7.0A@230V
Power 1600W Max.

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